Event Catering

All Paellas are gluten free and made with  Socarrat (caramelized rice stuck to pan) and the following imported ingredients:
Valencian Rice, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Extra Virgen Olive Oil and Saffron.

Served with Side Salad: Spring Mix/ Cucumber / Tomato/ Sliced Onion/ Lemon Vinaigrette

Call or email us: 562-479-6647 thepaellaconcept@gmail.com

Download Paella, Tapas and Pinxtos Menu

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50 Mile Roundtrip, Salad, Service Setup, Paella
live Cooking Show, Serving from setup, Cleanup

Customer provides:

Plates, Utensils, Napkins, Shade, 10×12 Space,
Electrical Outlet, 1-6 Ft Table for service

Additional Services

  • Bartender Service $450

    Includes: One Bartender (50 Guests), Mobile Bar Setup, 4 Hour Service, Garnishes for 3 Specialty Drinks, Printed Menu

  • Additional Wait Staff $150

    3 Hours Service

*Customer Provides: Cups, Ice, Alcohol and List, Cocktail Napkins, Juices

  • Please Keep in mind we load/unload with our dollies, we need adequate space to get through, If this isn’t possible additional employee needs to be added for help with loading/ Unloading heavy equipment.
  • Parking/ unloading details are needed
  • Running water is important. Please note if kitchen is available for cooking tapas ( Stove top & Oven)