Delivery/ Pickup

All Paellas are gluten free and made with  Socarrat (caramelized rice stuck to pan) and the following imported ingredients:
Valencian Rice, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Extra Virgen Olive Oil and Saffron.

5-15 People

  • 1 Paella $33
  • 2 Paella $43

16-25 People

  • 1 Paella $31
  • 2 Paella $41

26-50 People

  • 1 Paella $29
  • 2 Paella $39

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Location: El Coraloense 6600 Florence Ave Bell Gardens, Ca 90201


Customer advised to arrive 5-8 Minutes before pickup time

 $150 Cash Deposit Required if taking paella pan

Must be returned within 3 days *UNWASHED*


$4/ Mile Roundtrip ($30 minimum Fee)

Paella can be transferred into a disposable dish or pan pickup can be arranged for following day ( subject to charge)

Paella Best Consumed within 25- 35 minutes of being cooked depending on pan size. Important to keep in mind for delivery/ Pickup.

•Not recommended to reheat in pan,

•Best reheat options : Sautee in non stick pan for best results