Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Does Each Paella Feed?
Paellas are customized by the number of servings per pan. Let us know the number of servings per pan and that will depict the size of the pan being used since the size of the pan is determined by the number of guests.

Do you guys have minimums?
For on site Catering we have a minimum of 10 servings

For delivery/ pickup minimum is 5 servings

Why is my rice stuck to the pan?
All of our paellas are made authentic as if you were dining in Spain. The rice stuck to the bottom of the pan is called the Socarrat. It’s the rice that caramelizes, if you know paellas you know that this is the best part of the dish.

How can I Re-Heat my paella?
We don’t recommend to reheat in the pan as it can burn as well as overcook. If reheat is necessary we highly recommend to reheat in a non stick pan until desired temperature is reached.

Where are you located?
We are located at El Coraloense Restaurant which is open for consumption Friday-Sunday from 12-8Pm.

If you are not able to make it to our paella tasting dinners on Thursdays and would like to consume a paella at restaurant you may do so by ordering in advance ( Subject to availability)

How Can I Order ?

Please fill out inquiry form on our website. Be as detailed as possible. We need address, Date, number of Guests, Paella Selection, Time Of Service.

How Far in Advance Should I order?

We recommend to order as soon as possible since dates are subject to availability.

For on site cooking Minimum 4 Days in Advance

For Pickup/ Delivery/Eating on site Minimum 24-48 hours in advance